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Did you ever think that there could be an alternative – more  practical – to a TV remote control?

Yes, we have You Tube and many other Web Sites on the Internet where we can find almost any video we want, on any subject and at any time, without being dependent on a foreign program, as on TV.

These alternatives are indeed far superior, in practical terms, to a TV which, no matter how many channels it would have, cannot offer you something constructive and interesting  exactly in the moment when you’re free…

In some nights, it took me even three hours before convincing myself that it does not make any sense to waste time watching TV. And because this was repeated several times with the same result, I reached a very important decision, together with my husband: in our house there is no TV.

If we have the Internet, YouTube, Google Video and other similar sites it’s enough for us.

But in time there was a problem. I noticed that in order to get to the information  I wanted, I needed to make dozens or even hundreds of clicks, the process taking me hours and even days at the end…  It is neither practical nor easy to select top materials from  irrelevant materials, swimming in a multitude of sites on the net.

So I started thinking that people like me, who search for resources fitting with a Christian point of view, might need a site with a selective list of links to materials on  YouTube, Google Video, eHow, etc… This would help them to save their precious  time at maximum.

And…  because I did not find such a suitable site, I created one.

This is the site you have in front of you.

It is a collection with only TOP materials from the best Web Sites on Internet.

Now, with just one click, just in one second at any time of day or night, you can have an immediate access to a large variety of TOP information that you might search for.

But what you see here, however, is only the beginning. I have hundreds and  hundreds of more  links to video, audio and text materials, links which I will update daily.

I hope that you will share my  taste and that you will come back

every day

to enjoy the new materials that will wait here for you!

Mihaela Farauanu

P.S.  In order to know what you like more, so that I may add  new links on that topic, I need your votes. So please click on one of  the stars below each video, audio or text, depending on how much you like it. Thanks!



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